Rates & terms

One thing to remember is that E2 Finance is not a payday lender. That means when you get a loan from us, you’ll get 15, 20 or 26 weeks to repay the loan from when you take it out. Unlike a payday loan, which you’ll have to pay back on your next payday, even if that is only a week away!

All you need to do is work out how long you need to repay your loan, 15 weeks, 20 weeks or 26 weeks and fill in the application form.

Compare our rates to Payday Loan rates
A typical payday loan will charge around £25 per month for each £100 borrowed. That’s £10 per £100 more than E2 Finance straight away. Also, we give you a month to repay, not just until your next payday.

Now look at how much you save if you borrow more money over a longer term. If you borrowed £300 for 3 months with a payday loan, you’d pay £75 interest each month. On your first payday you’d pay £75, on your next payday another £75 and on the third payday another £75 plus the £300 you borrowed. A total amount of interest of £225!

A £300 loan with E2 Finance over 15 weeks would be a total of £150 interest and whopping saving of £75!

The table below shows the interest charge on various amounts for 15, 20 and 26 weeks.

Loan 15 Weeks’ Interest 20 Weeks’ Interest 26 Weeks’ Interest
£100 £50 £60 £66
£150 £75 £90 £99
£200 £100 £120 £132
£250 £125 £150 £165
£300 £150 £180 £198